Update on the Hood Pattern

Thank you to the many of you who voiced an interest in having my hood pattern available.

I am focusing this week on getting the text, illustrations and pattern pieces in a publishable state. My goal is to have it available for those who will want to make a hood for this winter. Fingers crossed there since this is both a matter of preparation and funds for publication.

I would also like to pull together the hood workshop some of us discussed.

For the published pattern, here is what I have in mind:

  • Pattern pieces for an adult hood in two depths (I was going to include the child’s hood but am having difficulty fitting that.)
  • Directions that are short and easy to understand using a combination of illustations and photos, including information on quilting.
  • An explanation of this type of quilted hood along with observations of extant hoods.
  • Tips on a successful hood in terms of materials and techniques.
  • Passages from Godey’s, Peterson’s, etc regarding quilted hoods and bonnets.
  • Ideas for how to trim your hood based on originals and extant hoods.
  • I’m hoping for a price point between $10 and $15, which will be based on what my print shop can do for me. (they are great.)

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