Vote for Your Parks – Coca Cola Funding

In Coca Cola’s Live Positively, $100,000 will be given to the State and Federal Parks with the Most votes.

Looking at the list, there are many historical sites where living history events are held which have few if any votes. Please take the time to VOTE!!!!

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GCVM has a blog

I can’t believe this took me two months to notice….

Genesee Country Village & Museum

Genesee Country Village & Museum has a New Website

The new website is so nice. I love the new layout.

They have an interactive map now. It is zoomable. A few things I would like to point out on the map…. #28 Altay Store’s windows came from my Grandparent’s house in Wheatland.  #27 is the house where Grandma Kramer spent most of 28 years quilting. When she wasn’t there, she was in Mac Arthur, #41. If I could copy any house there it would be MacKay, #26. That house is so comfortable. The volunteer workday took place near #6. Two places I think to many people miss are the Gallery and the library at the P&L Junction. Both of these can be found on the meadow.

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22nd Virginia Volunteer Day at the Genesee Country Village & Museum

work day 5-9-09This past Saturday 14 of us spent the sunny part of the day volunteering at the Genesee Country Village and Museum in Mumford, New York. Our day started with moving one of the wagons filled with corn down to the Pioneer Homestead from behind Hosmer’s Inn.


volunteer day 002

volunteer day 003


Next we unloaded the corn from the wagon to the new corn crib. We filled pails, pans, our aprons and our skirts….IMGP1881[1]

volunteer day 006

We spent the rest of the mid-day building fences. We learned about fence construction in the process.


In the end we had some nice fences and a little bit of rest…


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Volunteering to Ease Economic Hardships

Many, if not most, of us are feeling the effects of our hurting economy. We are short on our budgets, finding our retirements lighter, losing our jobs, and watching costs rise. While we are feeling the pinch of bad times, so are our favorite museums and historic sites. Many sites are getting hit hard with lower attendance, cut government funding, and endowments significantly decreased. Some are finding it necessary to let some dedicated staff go, pull back on programming and post pone improvements. We all would love to support these important institutions, but simply can not give all the money we would like to due to our own hardships. While we may not have the money to give, we do have time. Volunteering costs only time, the gas to get to the site and possibly a lunch packed at home.

Museums and historic sites will have an increasing range of needs as they find it necessary to tighten their budgets. Some will need help in the office with mailings or fliers. Some will need help on the grounds gardening, cleaning up or painting. Some will need help with staffing events and programming. The volunteer opportunities at most sites are endless.


If you previously donated money to a historic site or museum but can not budget it this year make up for it by donating time.

If you are still able to donated money, add to your donation by offering your volunteer time as well.

If you attend an event at a museum or historic site, offer your time to show your support of their programming.

If you already volunteer, donate more of your time to increase your support.

If you regularly volunteer, ask a friend to join you in donating their time.

If you have never volunteered before, call the museum or historic site’s volunteer coordinator or human resources director to offer them your time.

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