Much Needed Time Travel

I spent today in the nineteenth century. As I walked into the historic village, I felt the tension leaving my body and soul. I had to stop for a moment to truly embrace it.

It was an absolutely perfect day to spend at the museum. (FB reel) The birds were chirping, sheep baaa-ing. Even the sound of the bees in the apple blossoms was enjoyable. (FB reel)

Today I was doing something a bit different: talking about dolls as fancy work.

When I started falling down the rabbit hole that is doll collecting, they were never supposed to be a part of my history life. After a bit, one would tag along on occasion to help accent some aspect of some of my interpretations. Then I got a phone call asking if I would talk about dolls for this weekend. Of course, I was willing.

Today’s program was in two parts. For most of the day, I chatted with visitors about dolls as fancy work in the dining room of Foster. In the afternoon, I offered a talk in the Gallery: The Little Companions of Ladies: How Childhood Playthings Became Adulthood Helpmates.

In the presentation, I explored how dolls as toys were viewed in the nineteenth century and how they were made into pin cushions, pen wipers, and other useful items.

To see more about Theo’s adventures while at the museum, hop over to Don’t Paint the Cat.

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  1. Anna, I would pay for a walnut needle holder and /or pincushion kit. Just a thought?

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I may be able to do that.

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