Event Preparation

I am preparing for two upcoming events, two very different upcoming events.

In two weekends, I will be discussing how dolls were used in Victorian Fancy Work. The day will be spent demonstrating how a broken doll can become a pen wipe or pin cushion. I will wrap up the day with a presentation “The Little Companions of Ladies: How Childhood Playthings Became Adulthood Helpmates.” This discussion looks at how dolls transformed from childhood playthings to adulthood helpmates as pin cushions, pen wipers, and other forms of fancy work. We will explore the workbasket pages of popular women’s literature and original pieces of fancy work.

The very following weekend, I will be doing my Women’s Employments interpretation. With the very quick turnaround and timing being while school is in session, I have a new twist. Instead of fully transforming the insurance office into a millinery shop, I plan to be unpacking the new millinery shop through the weekend while searching for a millinery assistant. The latter gives a chance to discuss the qualifications and role for the position. The former allows for stacks of bandboxes and not as many finished pieces.

I have two more events in the active thinking and preparing stages. 🤔 I will share information on those soon.

This weekend, I am hoping to have all the materials for the first event out and ready.

I also hope to sell three millinery pieces and ten copies of To Net, or Not to Net, which I put on sale for the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

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  1. That’s a smart way of working in your present with the past and a process that someone may have gone through in setting up shop! Good for you!

  2. I love the idea of setting up shop and looking for an assistant! I’m hoping to do close to the same-with the help of her mother I’m interviewing a young lady for an apprenticeship next weekend!

  3. I would love to take the first weekend class.

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