Straw Bonnet Workbook

My newly re-written 1850s-1860s Straw Bonnet Workbook is ready!!!!!

My Straw Bonnet Workbook walks you through hand sewing a late 1850s to early 1860s straw bonnet from straw plait. Included are directions for a high brim bonnet, often referred to as a “Spoon Bonnet” and directions for a low brim bonnet, also known as a “Cottage Bonnet.”

This workbook starts with an introduction and a brief history of straw millinery in the mid-nineteenth century with a look at original straw bonnets and bonnet blocks in my collection. The core of the workbook gives step by step instructions with color photos of working from crown to brim, guiding you through making your own straw bonnet. The workbook wraps up with a discussion of finishing materials and bonnet care.

***Please know this workbook requires hand sewing straw plait/braid. This workbook does not include directions for machine sewing or pattern pieces.***

***This purchase includes 2 downloads – The 55-page Workbook had to be divided into 2 files to fit on Etsy. Be sure to download Both files.***

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