Work in Progress: New Publication

What I am working on this week:
A new version of my Straw Bonnet Workbook.

I am updating my first work to reflect a better understanding of shaping straw for an 1860s bonnet and using finer straw. The format will parallel my wadded hood workbook, meaning it will include information from my research as well as details from an original and study pieces.

I had hoped to pull off the vast majority of this rewrite this week, spring recess for me.  But, some wild thunderstorms slowed me down a little during the first half.

I do have nearly 400 photos of sample pieces and background information narrowed down (mostly) and sorted in order. I anticipate this publication will be similar in length to the wadded hood workbook,  around 50 pages. This likely means being divided into two files on Etsy.

I am already envisioning future volumes focusing on an 1840s bonnet and an 1880s capote. I do have a Quilted Hood Workbook started as well.

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  1. I’m all for an 1840s pattern, my favorite 19th century decade.

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