Keeping a Mid-19 Century Bonnet on – Cheektabs & Bonnet Stays

I have two videos for you focusing on cheektabs and bonnet stays, both important features in keeping your 1850s & 1860s Bonnet on your head.

This video looks at how a straw bonnet stays on the head. I talk a little bit about how the cheektabs, ribbon, and inner brim decorations work together in tonight’s video. I plan to do a video that looks further at this. In the meantime, here is information on how a bonnet stay works and helps a bonnet stay on:

This video looks further at cheektabs – what they look like on original bonnets, how they should look on reproduction bonnets, and how they should frame the face.

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  1. I enjoyed these two videos. In my adventures with making bonnets, I had yet to use the utility ties being unsure where to exactly place them. At the suggestion of a friend who is a long time reenactor and seen many extant pieces, he thought that he had seen utility ties run under the lining. So with a bonnet I was working on, I took a flexible bodkin and ran it under the facing and out through the bottom of the cheek tabs. Let me tell you, this puppy isn’t going anywhere as it wrapped around my head. I had tried previously the cross band and frills and flowers with seemingly unsatisfactory results. I need to refine this idea but for me, I want the dang bonnet to stay put and this seems the way to go.

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