Follow Up to Yesterday’s Corset Post

After writing yesterday’s post and a mid-day meeting, I spent the afternoon trying to back track the sources behind the BBC/Netflix corset ban story.

To the right is a sample of the search results.  While I am not familiar with many of the UK publications,  I do recognize several of the results as tabloid style publications. Each references an undisclosed “source.” I find this frustrating because I like documentation.  I want to read official written announcements or, in this case, the equivalent of an inter-office memo.

I haven’t found such.

So, this makes me wonder… Who is the “source”? Is there really a “source”?

Or… Is this just another one of the quasi-annual “corsets are awful” PR stunts?

As I continued looking through the search results, I found several 2021 articles of a similar tone – actresses being quoted as saying corsets are awful, uncomfortable, etc.. The articles are filled with claims propagating the myth of the evil corset.

I can’t help but wonder: Just how many actresses actually complain about period support garments? How many are pushed into saying negative things about their experiences? How many have snip-its of their statements spun to dramatize corset wearing as awful?

Corsets as awful, painful, unhealthy, degrading is news. The headlines get shared and make money.

After all, who wants to read about how comfortable a corset is to wear?

ADDITION: This article from Jezabel takes a different look, also seeing this as a PR move, and contacted the BBC that denies the foundation of the story.

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