A February Full of Hearts – Bunch of Hearts Book Marker (fixed)

Today’s Heart filled post is a twist on a playful Bunch of Hearts from An American Girl’s Book and a book marker from Peterson’s Magazine.

In this sweet project, Leslie originally calls for covering a bunch of small pasteboard hearts to be hung as a decoration. The illustration screams “bookmark” to me.

This book marker comes from Peterson’s Magazine. It is made of two lengths of ribbons decorated to taste.

To make my version, take a length of ribbon, approx 2 feet, and cut it into two pieces one slightly shorter than the other. Fold each ribbon in ‘half’ so you have four different lengths at the ends. Lay the folded ribbons on top of each other with the folds together. Tightly whip the folds together with tiny stitches. Embroider the ribbons to taste. Use pieces of fabric to make the crosses (in Peterson’s or hearts in the case of mine) at the ends of the ribbon.

(Sorry, this is a super short post today because my Monday didn’t go as planned. I ended up getting home too late to finish & photograph the pieces for the post I planned.)

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