Reflecting on 2022

I decided to do 22 photos to reflect on 2022. These highlight my favorites, projects I’m proud of, and moments of good.

This was a healing year for me, healing to my soul and heart as well as body. I still have rough moments or days, but those are fewer and further between.

When I first started rescuing dolls, I said they were just for fun, not for interpretation or work. Well, that went out the window didn’t it? For Opening Day & Mother’s Day weekend, I dressed Theo, newly named by visitors, in one of the museum’s reproduction kerchiefs released this year.
I love how Theo’s dress came together. I love even more the interest visitors had in the process.
During the Antique Show, I shared my “Tools of the Trade” display/demonstration. I talked with visitors about the different tools used to split straw for plaiting, shape millinery, and make the flowers. This is one component of a larger interpretation theme I have rolling around in my head. (Some day?)
One of my favorite photos of the year.
Independence Day was beautiful. I had so much fun playing a modified game of croquet in the side yard of Livingston.
I had a silly amount of fun spinning around taking these photos and playing with the settings on my phone’s camera. I love how this red wool challis 1850s dress came together.
I was so excited to read this bon bon basket description. I think I flipped past it many times in the past without reading it. I loved creating something a little different out of straw plait. (I have a couple more descriptions for projects using straw plait I want to make in the coming year if I can get enough affordable straw.)
The millinery shop set up is by far the most physical work of the year – getting everything out, sorted, into the car at the right time (east facing car becomes an oven), rearranging the building, setting up….. It is a chance to talk about some of the types of work women did during the mid-19th century.
I started developing this pocket based discussion earlier in the year, maybe the year before. During neighbor’s weekend, I did a partial version to see how it was received. Each pocket is filled with items a woman from the village may have carried with her. Each pocket and its contents tells a story. I hope to do more with this.
And suddenly…. brrrrr! Preparing for Winter was a cold 🥶 weekend as the first major (4′ in some parts) snow hit west of the village. I used the weekend to test out my mid-nineteenth century layers while talking about winter clothing.
I filled the box for Holiday Open House throughout the year. This year I focused on handmade gifts that are sewing items. (Next year, I think I want to either focus on toys or animal items.)
I like this photo not only because of my lovely new shawl but because I look relaxed. In all the stress of the year, I find as it wraps up, I am good with myself.

Things I made

For my Agricultural Society Fair entries this year, I wanted to bring the pieces I made for events through the year, plus a couple other things.
I had been wanting to make a bonnet and/or hat with straw motifs for a couple years. It kept getting procrastinated. I am pleased I finally did. This still needs all its decorations. Maybe in the coming year.
I loved the idea of these little baskets. Still live them. They are just too darling and fun. Sadly, others didn’t seem to love them as much. They may end up doll accessories instead of decorations.
Adding the headbands to my little straw witch hats was a spur of the moment, direction change. I am glad I tried it. You’ll likely see more of these.
This 1880s straw capote was one of my favorite pieces of the year. I was shocked to see it sit in the shop for as long as it did. (I have theories why.)
Making straw basket pin cushions had been on my to-do list for a while. Okay, a long while. I finally made a few. I am quite pleased with them. I may make more.

Things I found

These triangle shaped friendship books are some of the coolest things I’ve stumbled across. They a curiosity that I will continue to look into.
I still can’t believe this beautiful original bonnet is mine. Swoon….
This well tattered heart frame was a lucky rescue. I happened to stop at a local shop that changed hands. They were in the midst of rearranging. This was in a little basket in a corner I previously avoided. So glad I saw it.
And one last photo group (which counts as one photo) for my Clara fans.
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  1. I love this post and thank you for it.

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