Fancy Work Friday: Parasol Pin Keep & Pen Wiper

I am going to pair up two favorite projects from lockdown for this week’s Fancy Work Friday: The Parasol Pen Wipe and Pin Cushion

Materials for both the Pen Wiper (PW) and Pin Keep (PK):
2 parasol handles (1 for each project)
Tight, densely fulled heavy weight wool (PW)
Sead beads (PW)
Ribbon (PW)
Silk taffeta – solid or a small design (PK)
Tight, fulled medium weight wool, preferably light color (PK)
Embroidery floss (PK)

Pin Keep

Pen Wiper

For the Pen Wiper, cut 1 and a half circles of the densely fulled wool with a pinked edge:

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Here are some of the period directions for making parasol accessories:

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