Mini Booklets

I pulled out my old mini booklets to use for something in the modern side of my life. After folding a stack, I thought I would reshare them as it has been quite some time since I did.

These are quick, guide style references. Each can be printed on a single sheet of paper and folded into a little, pocket size booklet.

Directions: Fold in half the short wise to cut along the dotted line. Unfold and refold length wise. Fold each side in to the middle. Pull the opposite side out to create a × when viewed from above. Find the front page and flatten into a book. Press with a paper presser or edge of a ruler.

Basic Sewing Stitches

Pleats, Gathers, Gauging, Button Holes

Common Embroidery Stitches

Decorative Embroidery Stitches – Embroidery for Wool Pages

Counted Needle-Work (not my knowledge area)

Shopping Itch

No Image

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