Review Response

I received this review for my Fichu e-pattern. I would like to reply to this feedback, but I do not see where I can do so in Etsy. So, I will here.

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you are correct, I am not a full-time, professional pattern maker and this is not a professional pattern. I am a public high school teacher. I do “historical interpretation” on my own time. I enjoy sharing my work,, both research and designs with others. I do my work by hand with pencil and paper, in the second bedroom of my apartment, not on professional patterning software. Such software and corresponding hardware is neither in my budget nor realm of interest.

This pattern was initially written and designed in 2012 as a print pattern. The pattern pieces, as with subsequent pattern pieces were and are hand drawn. I made the pattern available again as an e-pattern in April of 2020 to help raise spirits during lockdown. I updated all my e-patterns to more clearly indicate they are hand-drawn.

Feedback is important. It allows us to reflect and evolve in our art,, craft, and/or work.

Being a decade old, it maybe time to retire my Fichu Pattern as I recently did my first winter hood pattern.

To help me decide, for the month of October my Fichu e-Pattern will be half price. I invite you to take a look and let me know in the comments on this post if I should retire it at the end of the year.

Edit: I found the place to respond in Etsy. I had to edit my response a little to get under the character limit:

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  1. I’d keep it available. A useful item, and whether or not you’re a professional pattern developer is irrelevant to me, and likely many people.

  2. Keep it available. You’ve made it known it is hand drawn. I’ve see professional patterns that are done on a computer and look horrible. If I were still reenacting, I’d purchase it. I really appreciate all the projects and work you put into them.

  3. I already have a copy (and intend to make it up soon), else I’d buy it again. I have no idea what this person is talking about in calling your drafts “unprofessional”, and highly doubt that they’re actually finding professional designers selling niche patterns for less than $10. Against retiring it, I’ll also observe that I don’t know of any other fichu patterns of similar currently available.

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