Fancy Work Friday: Recreating the Triangle Book

Some 8 months ago I unboxed triangular shaped book covered in velvet. The pages of this hand made book were folded in upon itself, each containing a letter, memory, or passage to the recipient of the book. The folds were sealed with die-cut flowers, hand cut stars, and other motifs, annotated with direction for opening including date, time and location. If you missed the unboxing video for this turn of the century book, you can find it here on YouTube.

Since opening this sweet book, I have wanted to recreate it. Finally, today, I did.

The base of the book is the well know Composition Book, with its thick pasteboard cover in black and white, with thin lined pages and simple sewn binding.

I began by unstitching the binding to remove half of the pages reducing it to 50, slightly less than that found in the original. I set aside the removed pages to create a second book. Both sets of pages needed to be restitched, without the cover.

Each page needed to be folded, first from the bottom outer corner up. Then, from the upper right corner down to create the right angle of the triangle.

I covered the pasteboard cover with red velvet. In doing so, I folded each side in to the wrong side about an inch, down to the corners of the cover. The four corners of the created rectangle fold down over the sides of the cover. This put folded edges close together to be sewn snug onto the pasteboard. I did this from memory of the book as it is pack away. After completion, I found these folds overlap on the original rather than come together. While this does give more complete coverage, it also creates more bulk, which my mimic lacks.

After covering the cover, I stitched the pages into the spine.

I am pleased with the finished book. I find it sweet with the velvet cover soft. I will be adding red ribbon ties when I find the right ribbon.

If people are interested in step by step directions, I can putthose together. I remembered to take photos of this process.

I was very excited to find a second triangle book some months after finding the first. This book predates the red 1902-03 book, bearing an 1897 date according to the listing. I have yet to open this book so not to distract myself.

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  1. I’d love the step-by-step instructions. Did you cut the composition notebook cover to fit or did you also fold down those corners. I know some composition notebook covers are thicker than others.

  2. I’d love the step-by-step instructions. Did you cut the cover of the composition notebook or fold those down? I know some composition notebooks have thicker covers than others, rendering folding impossible.

  3. I cut the cover down after folding the pages. That gave me an accurate line for cutting. I found the point of the triangle needed to be rounded slightly to keep the point from piercing the velvet.

  4. Good to know! Thanks for the tip – no pun intended. Lol. I think these would make a wonderful gift for not only friends, but also for children and grandchildren.

  5. Definitely gift worth. So are the next ones I’m working on.

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