Straw and Strawberries – Thinking Ahead to the Holiday Season

With school started (for staff in NY) it is time to think ahead to the creativity and sewing for the Holiday season. I am defining the Holiday Season as the build up to Halloween and Samhain through Twelfth Night with the many holidays and observances in between.

This year I am planning to offer some of the small items I enjoy making most….

For my fall and Halloween loving friends, I will be making some miniature straw witch hats. I’ll try to make a handful of these in different sizes and maybe different color straws. I am undecided on whether I will offer any wool witch hats, either in full or mini size. I do have a fun one in mind for me.

I am already enjoying making these little baskets. I am picturing them nested in a Christmas tree, Yule bough, or wreath. Though they could span many holidays.

I bought a lovely length of red velvet….. which means….. strawberries are back!!! I love making strawberries. I am going to try my hand at embroidered tops similar to this original strawberry.

For those wondering about millinery – I will be making some straw millinery for those looking to gift those this season. I am undecided on making winter hoods.

I would like some feedback regarding gift sets. I offered a limited number of pockets full of already wrapped gifts last year. I am curious if people would be interested in something similar this year.

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