A Miniature Hat a Month?

I have a silly idea of making a miniature hat each month to hang by my desk. I may or may not be able to do this. Help me fill in the blanks:

  • September –
  • October – Straw witch hat
  • November –
  • December – Santa or elf hat
  • January – Little wadded hood in silk?
  • February –
  • March –
  • April –
  • May – Garden hat with some flowers
  • June –
  • (No school in July and August)
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  1. A rain hat or hood for April; sunbonnet for June!

  2. A chef hat for November, for all the holiday yummies.

  3. How would I measure my dolls head for a hot or bonnet? I have four different size dolls which I am looking to dress as sisters, think Little Women.

  4. Dolls are much harder than people, especially if they have solid (porcelain) hair. Measure around their head like a human would. Also, look critically at the shape of the head from above for whether a hat needs to be more circular, oval, or pear shaped. For bonnets, hair placement is essential.

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