Falling into Fall

It is that transitional time of year for me, when “summer” becomes “fall” with the onset of “back to school.” I would be lieing if I did not say I am sad to say goodbye to summer.

A Digression – I know summer continues for another month for most people. I currently mark summer as the end of school through the beginning of school. Once upon a time, I counted summer as the May through August portion of the museum season. It is complicated and more a mental state than a seasonal state. My fall events don’t actually start for another month. Hmmm, maybe I should rename this limbo period of not quite summer and not quite fall: fammer or summal.

This coming fall is speckled with a nice balance of time travel and classes. Let’s see if I can talk about these in order……

Agricultural Society Fair

This year, I am treating my Ag Fair entries as a culminative of the season, opting to display the main projects of this year, both those made during each of the events and some behind the scene. This will give regular visitors a chance to see the pieces they saw me working on when they visited. I also have a fun something up Mt sleeve.

Holiday Tree Class

I will be teaching a modern crafty sewing class at Chestnut Bay in October. This cute holiday tree evolved from June’s strawberry class.

Preparing For Winter

Funny how I hate winter but love this event. While I do like the layers used in the era for staying warm in the winter, what makes this event for me is the visitors. — November 19th

Holiday Open House

Last year, while working on the bon bon boy, visitors asked for a peppermint doll. This year, I plan to meet their request. The doll head is waiting, body cut out, and dress fabric ordered…..

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