Unboxing an Exciting Collection Addition

First, I am very grateful to those who helped me purchase this bonnet. When I saw it, I nearly cried because I was sure I would have to pass it up. Your support means I can do the research and work I do.

This bonnet is an excellent example of fine craftsmanship and three braids being set into stripes. The straw braid on the crown is a rich chestnut brown on the outside, a more matte, drab brown on the inside. The straw braid on the brim is a darker brown with a mauve/purple tint to it. This plait has a scalloped edge. Running through the whole of the bonnet is a wider braid with a two tone diamond pattern. I need to get a closer look at this braid. It may be a horsehair or wool. It is tight and fine.

The interior reflects aspects common to the era. The brim, cheektabs, and neck edge are wired with covered wire. The brim and crown are lined with loose weave cotton. Two tags, likely style and sewer, are attached to the back. The neck edge is bound in silk. Less commin but not unseen, the bottoms of the cheektabs have seperate pieces of dark brown plait pieced into the curve.

There are repair points throughout the bonnet where threads previously disintegrated. Additional threads indicate it may have been decorated at some point.

I am trying to write more but the WordPress app keeps crashing.

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  1. What a spectacular piece! I’m soooooo happy you able to get it!!!

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