Summer Plans

One more week and Summer starts for me.

Well, mostly, sorta, kind. I have a few things to do at school after the last day.

Millinery Shop Plans

My goal is to try to make 20 pieces each month this summer. I want to offer a balance of bonnets and hat, both decorated and undecorated. I have been holding back some woven straw so I can offer some fancy woven pieces. I will be doing some Regency era and later Victorian pieces as well as the mid-century pieces.

In July, some of these pieces will need to go to the museum for the millinery shop interpretation first.

Summer To-Do List

  • The future Peppermint doll awaits her body and clothes. I may end up making her dress from red/white striped cotton instead of silk.
  • Finishing my new corset is a must early in the summer. I started it weeks ago but got stalled out.
  • I am considering making a large block quilt with some of the fabrics from the fabric swaps years ago.
  • I really, really need to spend some time walking in the woods and wandering aling waterfalls.
  • Then there are a bunch of small things I can’t seem to recall as I write.
  • Hmmm….. and its about time I make either my green or brown wool dress.


  • This weekend I have a strawberry pin cushion class. This is a modern crafty class at a local quilt shop.
  • Independence Day at GCVM is of course tradition.
  • Chocolate Weekend is the 16th and 17th of July at GCVM. I will be talking about Victorian fancy work and chocolate while making a straw Bon Bon Basket, or two.
  • GCVM’s Civil War Living History Weekend is July 23rd & 24th. I will be setting up the women’s employments interpretation.
  • A local Old Fashion Day lands on the last Saturday of July. This is a relaxed event to sew and chat with attendees.
  • August is less packed with a tbd day or days for interpreting a new idea I’ve been working on. Plus one last weekend before I am back at school/work at the end of the month.

Additional Question

I have something else I am trying to think through. 🤔 Is there some digital content you wish I made available? Of I had a sister shop, what would you want to see there?

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  1. Lots of wonderful plans! The women’s employments interpretation caught my eye! Enjoy!

  2. I really like talking about the women’s employment aspect of millinery. From cottage industry to health issues for urban shop assistants to rural town shop owners, it helps connect “something pretty” with the realities of everyday women’s history.

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