Introducing a New Series

I enjoyed having a regular series of Monday posts through the Spring. This Summer, I will continue with regular Millinery Monday posts.

This Summer Series is inspired by what inspires me: Visitors

Each week’s topic will be a question from visitors, either a commonly asked question or a unique question.

Starting out, some of the questions that come to mind are:

  • How much did a bonnet cost?
  • What is Cottage Industry?
  • How much did a milliner make?
  • How long did it take to make that?

I plan to focus on one question each week. I expect more past questions to come mind and new questions as the summer progresses.

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  1. How many women had to earn their own livings? Was this a big deal for them, or did that depend on social class (so poorer women expected to work for others, and middle class women didn’t). Was running a cottage industry usually what they did?

  2. Excellent questions. I will incorporate them. Thank you.

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