I ventured to the local fleamarket on Sunday. I like to go opening day, but this year I was extra busy. I made it a couple weekends in. I woke early with the assistance of a certain feline who wanted to be fed. I ate half a bowl of cereal and headed out. This allowed me to arrive shortly after 7, when finding a parking spot was easy, attendance was light, and some vendors were still unpacking. There were many empty spots, likely due to the forecast of rain and thunderstorms. Muddy ground and wet weather can be more problematic than it is worth.

The fleamarket was a local destination since childhood. As a kid, I looked forward to buying a little trinket with change, or, maybe if I was really lucky, finding a Breyer horse for a few dollars. Now, I still hope for that little trinket or Breyer horse. I also have an eye open for a few other things.

This year, I would like to find some small, doll size jewelry, sewing accessories, Victorian fancy work of particular types, a doll head for the ooops too big body, the right curio for the little dolls, hat blocks, and something curious.

Sunday there wasn’t much that caught my attention for coming home. There was one Breyer in the whole place, of the wrong size. No sewing accessories old enough. Nothing curious enough to fit my interests or research focus. I came home with a lone pair of gloves and this cdv.

This CDV caught my attention for what I am going to call Relatability.

It was her bodice that I saw initially. It is loosely fit through her bust rather than fitted smoothly. The fullness gathers in to the waist in controlled pleats rather than plain gathers or darts. This would make me think this is a more casual dress, but then, when looking at the sleeve with its embellishment and detail, it is seen not to be the case.

At home, I took some time with this image. Partly for a closer look. Partly to see how clear the camera on my sorta new phone does with cdvs. I am pleased with the latter.

The closer look showed me things I did not see standing in the morning sun with sunglasses and hat on. This woman was older but not old. She has wrinkles in emerging in all the natural places. She has graying hair in wisps. She has fullness at the back of the collar indicating the rolling of neck or shoulders that happens when working or reading over many years. She gave herself room in her bodice possibly for comfort, physical or mental, while her sleeves show an attention, creativity, and detail.

Each of these aspects are as much true of being then as now, now as then.

Here is the bodice fullness that first caught my attention. The fullness is brought into the waist with pleats rather than darts or gathers. I can tell you from experience this control lays differently, flatter at the waist than regular gathers do. It appeals to me as a fluffier woman who doesn’t know how my fluff is going to behave some days. *There may be a dart on the right. Count the third square from the right to see it. Also worth noticing is her choice not to wear a belt. The tendency currently in reenacting is to wear a belt. This is not necessary.
I did not see this sleeve a when I first picked up the cdv. It is beautiful in both finish and concept. This appears to be a basic, slightly full coat sleeve with an epaulet-esque overlay and a cuff. Both the epaulet and cuff have a petal like shape used in the design. Each are outlined in a trim (below.)
Looking closer at the trim, it appears to be a chain of flowers.
I was impressed by what I could see in her hair. Usually, I look for the shadowy line that indicates a hairnet or not. But, in this image my eyes moved forward, first to the wisps of grey hairs just above her ear. These light color strands create such pretty waves. Then, I saw the the section above that wanted to be a curl that day. I can’t help but wonder if that curl frustrated her because it would roll smoothly into her coiffure or reminded her of days when she let ringlets of curls fall.
The first close up I tried with the phone was of the collar. This was a 6.5 zoom, later cropped for upload. This shows not only the collar but also some bunching up at the neck. I think the specks are discoloration rather than a pin at the crossing of the collar, but I am not certain.
Other than her ring, these earrings appear to be the only jewelry she is wearing. They are not a type I can identify.

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