We all yearn for connection,

whether we know it or not.

My goal for the day was a simple one: sew a doll dress by the end of the day.

After a slow start, I found myself thinking about connection.

We connect in many ways. We connect with our senses. We connect emotionally. We connect physically. We connect through story.

To lack connection, or worse, to be denied connection can be detrimental, can be tragic.

On this Mother’s Day, sitting in the sun and shadows, I found myself listening to a story. I often listen to stories in this spot. This story was different. The words came from their mouth but the story came from the heart and eyes. The story was one of lack of story, of being denied story. It tugged at my heart.

I am grateful I heard what I could in that moment.

As days filled with sun and people go, moments fly away.

I was no longer working on my simple goal for the day. I was connecting with one of my Grandmas by sitting where she used to sit, while connecting with one of my Grandmas by sharing a love she loved.

I share with you Theo:

Theo was named by a moment, a moment created by two pairs of siblings. As I finished her dress and was ready to put it on her for the first time, the first pair of siblings came in. They were darling in how captivated they were. They watched wide eyed, both eager and polite, as I tucked and fussed and adjusted, then presented the newly dressed doll. I said: “She still needs a name.” The first sibling said “Theo.” The second sibling said “Yes, Theo.” both said “Hello, Theo” as two more siblings walk in and one says “Hello.” One of the new pair of siblings was also named Theo. It was obvious to me, the doll is Theo.

Theo is dressed in an 1850s style dress made from one of GCVM’s reproduction kerchiefs. This is one of three reproduction kerchiefs based on originals in the Susan Greene Collection and produced by Burnley & Trowbridge. When I saw this beautiful red and black on white print, I knew it had to be made into a doll dress. I am delighted with how the dress came together today. The skirt is the full 36 inch width of the kerchief with the border design around the hem and up the front. The design lined up creating a circling leaf motif centered on the bodice. The sleeves are open sleeves with the border edge at the wrist. This is the one change I would make: I would make the sleeves more funneled.

The dress will be accessorized with a black belt and mother of pearl buckle. I will add a broach as well to the deep V neck bodice. Theo will also be getting hands soon.

If you read my “Transparency” post you may be wondering how the day went for me, the part of me that has been exhausted. Today was much needed. Approaching this weekend, I was not sure how I was going to do it; I wasn’t sure if I could do it. The morning started hard for me. I was struggling to feel my groove and zone. Then I got there. The above happened. Suddenly it was closing time and I wasn’t tired. I reached the end of the day without feeling like it was the end of the day or the end of me for the day. I wasn’t even tired a little bit until the drive home. When I got home, it didn’t hurt to get undressed, well except for the bit about gravity. I hoped in the shower. I ordered dinner. I uploaded. started editing and writing. In this moment, I am good; I feel that soft sigh of “this is good.”

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  1. Theo can be short for Theodora!

  2. So glad your day went well and you are doing better!!! Hope you have many more days like today.

  3. P.S. – Beautiful job with Theo

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