Their Life, Their Words….. Revisited.

One of my favorite blog series from over the years also happens to be one of the most under read. Maybe it is because it is just that: lots to read.

When I first came across the digitized Moore’s Rural New Yorker at the Rochester Public Library, I was was delighted to find the publication to be well rounded with sections for farmers alongside gardeners, and the whole family. As I continued to read, I was captivated by a column of letters and responses, often from an Aunt Betsey. These volleys primarily dealt with the domestic life of women, what work was like, what was best to wear while working, how to raise daughters, etc.. I was eager to share what I was reading, quite convinced others would be just as captivated.

Well, not so much according to my stats.

Here we are, some years later. I will link here the tag I had given these transcriptions:

Their Life, Their Words

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