Spring Planning

As the calendar has officially turned over to spring, I am in full planning mode. Usually,  I am planning as the new year begins. But, this year is what is is, has been what it has been, and will be what shall be. Onward.

As you have likely seen, I put out two surveys for planning. One looks at long term writing projects while the other looks at workshop possibilities.  Your responses to these surveys are a huge help in planning for those two areas. Thank you.


I plan to be at the following events at GCVM:

Opening Day of the 2022 Season (May 7) and/or Mother’s Day (May 8 ) I will either bring a new pockets interpretation or the kerchief doll dress, tbd.
Antique Show Sale (May 28) Tools of the Trade
Independence Day Celebration (July 4) Picnicking
Celebrating Chocolate Weekend (July 16 & 17) Bonbon dolls
Civil War Living History Weekend (July 23 & 24) Women’s Employments – Millinery
A Novel Weekend (August 6 & 7) tbd
Agricultural Fair (October 1 & 2) Visiting
Domestic Skills Symposium (November 5 & 6) Workshop
Preparing for Winter (November 19 & 20) 19th century winter attire or winter hoods
Holiday Open House (December 18) Victorian Fancy Work Gifts.

Additional events are to be determined.  I did have another museum ask me about doing programs for them. I will let you know if that comes together.


With events comes projects. Here is what I have in mind right now:

  • A special group of bonnets
  • Kerchief dress for new doll
  • Pocket story project
  • The Eva’s Book project
  • My pink silk organza dress 1810s
  • My sheer wool dress 1850s
  • My sheer rose dress 1850s
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