Straw Hat FAQ

This week is a casual Hat Q&A talking about the questions I am asked most often. The focus is on American Civil War hats. I will talk about bonnets in a future video.
How do I wear my hat?
Which is the front?
How do I measure my head?
Where do I put the flowers and ribbon?
How do I keep my hat on my head?

If you have more questions about straw hats or bonnets in the nineteenth century, put them in the comments below. I will do more millinery Q&As in the future.

More details on measuring and fit.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    I have a hat question. I am a 1850s-1860s female reenactor. I had heard that only young women wear hats and older women wear only bonnets. Is this correct? I am 65. Would I ever wear a hat in my historical interpretation?
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Who wore a hat has more to do with a woman’s fashionableness than her age. A woman of middling age who dresses fashionably and attend social events is more likely to have and wear a hat than a young woman of modest means whodp dresses less fashionably.
    With this in mind, whether you would wear a had depends on how fashionably you dress and the occasions or situations you participate in at events.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks, Anna, for answering my question. While I do interpret a traveling seamstress of 1859 and spend most of my time inside the parlor, I do walk around outside on event days. I fantasize about your hats, and enjoy your researched tips and accuracy.
    Looking forward to your next adventures to share.

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