Projects Ahead

Exploring Fancy Millinery

I started, I mean I finally started, playing with the straw motifs that have been rolling around in my head for a couple years. I am mimicking the look of the antique straw motifs I have. These will embellish a bonnet with a sinmay brim, a sheer similar to period horsehair foundations. Currently,  I am picturing vining straw threads, straw leaves, and spirals.

Doll Meets Kerchief

Have you seen the kerchiefs reproduced from the Greene Collection? They are available at the Genesee Country Village and Museum as well as Burnley & Trowbridge. 

I am using the red and black kerchief to make a dress for one of two Jenny Lind style porcelain dolls I lucked upon. You may notice these dolls have the same head as Bonnie, the bonbon doll, and Violet, her sister. I am very excited to have 4 of the same by different artists.

What about the other doll? By request, I am looking for the right red and white or pink and white micro stripe silk taffeta to make her a Peppermint doll. During this past December’s Open House days, visitors asked for a Peppermint doll.

Wool Challis Dress

I bought myself a birthday dress length of semi-sheer wool. It is a mid-size plaid in red, grey, and natural white. I ordered six yards of the 54″ width. If I can make the math work, I may do a double or triple flounce skirt on a cotton base. I am picturing a deepish V neck in a mid1850s style with funnel sleeves.

Rose Sheer Dress

This fabric and dress has been bumped down the priority list for the past few years. This is a fabric I love. The plan for this is also an 1850s style but with a simply gauged skirt. I may try a deeper V neckline with a white insert tbd and open sleeves to reflect the line of the neckline.

Pocket Activity

I loved how visitors connected with the pockets I brought for Chocolate Weekend last July. I want to explore this more with people. While I won’t share details yet, I have what I think is a fun, interactive idea to look further into pockets.

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