A Pair of Bonnets

Usually, when we see a bonnet in a cdv we get a bit from a slightly turned front angle. We can see some shape and some trims.

Delightfully, this image gives us fairly clear, nearly sixty degree angles of not one but two bonnets. As these beautiful bonnets are distinctly 1840s pieces, I suspect this is a cdv copy of an earlier image, though I am not well versed in photography nor that process.

We can see both bonnets have a nearly horizontal transition from crown to brim. The brims reach forward of the face, one in a near circle, the other circular with a more vertical line to the cheektabs. These cheektabs are wide, with a gentle curve, lasting at and just below the chin. Both bonnets feature shallow bavolets, while the one on the right shows just a hint of what may be straw plait. Trim is minimal on both, with ribbon or sashing wrapping around the crown of the bonnets in two different methods. One ribbon appears solid while the other shows a design, likely floral. Neither bonnet shows trims on the interior or the lined bonnets. The women’s seperatly worn caps can be seen inside the bonnets.

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  1. I would absolutely wear those bonnets, though maybe with a longer bavolet.

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