Hello 2022

I step into this new year as one would step barefoot into freshly dewed grass.

With gentle caution and anticipation. The dew will be frosty cold and wet, yet the grass will be so soft underfoot, with hope and connection.

Just me?

Not knowing what to expect from this year, I do not have the expected list of garments and accessories I hope to sew. Instead, I have framework and a plan.

One of the biggest things I need to keep on top of this year is my budget. As you know, the cost of just about everything has gone up. Meanwhile, contractual increases from my main job does not cover it. I need to push myself to make up the difference with my millinery business going forward.

Patreon Shift

I will be moving more content to Patreon as exclusive Patreon access. This is to thank my current generous Patrons and to encourage new Patrons. The majority of new In Detail publications will be moving Patreon. I will also be exploring additional Patreon exclusive content such as project insights and video content.


Knowing most are entering this year with a combination of hope and uncertainty, I want to assure you my millinery will focus on quality and sound research. I want you to be confident when you purchase a bonnet or hat from me, knowing it is well made, with period techniques, and will last many years when cared for.

As I write this in mid-December, my plan is to start sewing shop pieces during recess for January. I am toying with some special straw ideas. A friend actually asked me about something similar, not knowing I planned to explore the idea. I am taking that as a sign.


I plan to continue my focus on women’s employment this year. There is so much of this history to be found and shared, some of it good, some of it bad. I hope to find individual stories from or about these women to accompany the numbers and accounts.

I also want to further explore the connection between fancy work items and the people who created them, the stories the items can tell, and how visitors connect with them. I am continually amazed with how individual visitors connect with particular items, be it a sentimental childhood memory, a deep sensory recollection, or some detail that weaves into something else they know. I feel there is something deeper here to explore, though I am not quite certain what that something is yet.

Clara’s Friends

I will be making an announcement regarding Clara’s Friends soon.

YouTube Channel

I am going to continue the YouTube channel, but I will need to cut back the amount of time I put into it. While I loved making videos over the past two years, I found I was putting more time into them than I realized. Since YouTube will not be an income source, I have to cut back on the amount if time I put in each week. I currently plan to do videos from programs/events, when I have something useful to share, and if I have a project for you. This may change a bit as seasons change or as the year progresses.


Well. I am still working on some life things. Aren’t we all?

Balance and stability are my personal foci for the year. I bought myself some hiking boots. I miss nature and the woods. A big personal goal this year is to spend more time with Mother Nature. Walking. Sitting. Listening. Feeling.

For personal sewing…. I find I like my plait 1830s dress so much, I am going to make another. I also find I want another cooler weather dress or at least basque. I need to go through my wools to see what I have. I may have a light green plaid with enough yardage to do a basque and skirt set.

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