Reflecting on 2021

It goes without say, yet I am saying it, 2021 was difficult for many people, as was 2020. This year was hard; it tore some people apart in many ways. My heart goes out to those who lost their own this year, who were hit hard, and who tried their alk to keep their head and families above water.

I struggled on my own ways, both financially and in trying to find myself after a stretch of difficult. At times, I was all over the place.

Somehow, I managed to pull off some pretty nifty things. Honestly, goign back through the year, I’ve had several moments of “I did that this year?” This is a photo review of the year.

A Few Finallies

I finally made an 1830s dress suitable for sewing straw in. This dress is fery comfortable to work in.
To go along with my 30s dress, I also finally made myself a cap.

Small Projects


This year, I was able to shift my millinery interpretation from pretty fashion to women’s employment. The straw millinery industry provided many employment end income opportunities for women, from plaiting, to sewing, to finishing in a factory, to assisting at a millinery, to making flowers or bandboxes. Some of these positions had life long physical consequences due to the excessively long seasonal hours. Understanding the aspects of income earning is essential in understanding women’s history.

I put a lot of time into videos for YouTube this year. I started the year with the vision of weekly videos discussing a balance of millinery, Interpretation, and period craft work topics. Well, the year has been a challenge.


A new antique millinery block (right) joined the collection. Bonnet blocks are very difficult to come by. It is very nice when I can add one to the collection.
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  1. Ooo, I love the new plaid dress! It’s quite flattering and the color is so cheerful! 🙂


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