Last Minute Gift Idea: A Hair Kit

Did December get away from you? Do you need to get a last minute, 19th century appropriate gift before next weekend?

I recommend:

A Hair Kit!

Check out this quick video that looks at what can go into a basic hair kit:

You can pick up the items for a nice hair kit in two stops: Your local craft store like Joann’s or Micheals and your local pharmacy or Sally’s beauty supply.

From you craft store, pick up a paper mache box, small wood box, or period appropriate paper covered box.

From you local pharmacy, pick up the following:

  • A packet of plain hair nets
  • A couple packs of faux tortoise hair pins
  • A pack of hair elastics in black
  • A pack of faux tortoise hair combs
  • A gift bag and tissue paper to wrap everything in.

Open the packages (except the hair elastics) and put them in the box. You can wrap each item in tissue paper to make unwrapping even more special. Wrap the box in tissue paper, or reproduction fabroc, and place in the gift bag. You can also add a gift certificate for a pomade or a reproduction hair comb to the kits.

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  1. Thank you for the chignon pins from Timely Tresses! 🙂 I just ordered 4 sets! (My hair is below my butt loooong! lol) I’ve not figured out how to use combs in my hair, so I just leave them out. But everything else, I’ve been using for yearsssssssss. 🙂
    This is such a great video/idea for those who need it!

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