Holiday Open House, second weekend

Tired just hit me and hit hard…..

Bonbon Boy Progress
Today, I sat in a stream of sunshine as I worked on a hat for the Bonbon Boy and a garland of candies for him to hold.
Peppermint candies circle his silk conical hat as a series of wrapped bonbons radiate upwards. I was quite pleased with the fit of the hat that slides onto his head without the need for ties.
His garland is a simple string of gold, silver, and copper wrapped bonbons. I had pictured a second garland of peppermints, but found such a garland needed a silver bead to seperate the candies. This may happen next week.
His lack of hands and feet was a concern to several young visitors this week. I am picturing a pair of mittens to solve part of this worry. His feet may need a pair of boots, which are a bigger challenge.
Other than his second garland plus hands and feet, which may need to wait until the right mittens and boots are found, Bennie the Bonbon Boy is nearly finished. I will finish up the last current detail next Sunday.

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