November Reflections

From Hoods to Holidays, November was packed.

At the beginning of the month, I was focused on the launch of two new winter hood patterns: The Wadded Hood Workbook and The Princess Capote Directions.

I was also focused on holiday shop offerings, both historical and whimsical. I am super excited that all but one of my gift filled pockets sold out so quickly. I am completely smitten with my wool cats.

Each weekend of November, I shared a crafty video over on Don’t Paint the Cat for a A Little Whimsy for the Holidays series. Check those out here.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I left the 21st century behind for a weekend of 19th century Preparing for Winter. I had a great time talking with visitors about winter clothes.

I was delighted to find, to finally find, the edition of St Nicholas’s Magazine I had been trying to find at a price I could afford. It came just in time for December’s programs. Video

This brings us to looking ahead to December. It has been a while, a long while, since I’ve had a month scheduled this busy. I have the mundane things of getting new glasses, various appointments, and getting the heating /cooling system for the car flushed. Heat is a necessity in NY. I have the seasonal festivities of community parties. I have three weekends of Yuletide Open House where I will be talking about handmade gifts. Oh, and I have work too.

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