Fall Edition of In Detail – Now Available

This fall edition of In Detail may be of particular interest to my doll focused readers.

On Detail: Frozen Charlotte Pen-Wipers takes a close look at not one, but two pen-wipers made with frozen Charlotte dolls. The 22 full color pages detail the dolls and pen-wipers, and includes directions for making your own.

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  1. why is the dolly called “frozen Charlotte”?

  2. Frozen Charlotte is the name give to the one piece dolls. The name comes from a poem published in the 1840s telling the story of a young woman who died on route to a social evening in the depths of winter.

  3. Will there be kits for the pen wipers. Thanks, Ruthann

  4. Oh, good question. I had not planned on kits for these pen-wipers. It would be a challenge to get a quantity of dolls.

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