YouTube Update

I apologize for the lack of videos lately. I have been so tired and distracted by the time I get home from work, I have nothing left for a good video. I also haven’t felt like I have much to say. I will get my act together an do better. I want to do some small crafts for the holiday season. Maybe some 19th century things. Maybe some ornaments. I am not sure.

In the meantime, I have changed the settings on some favorite videos from unlisted to public. I also updated titles and descriptions. This will make them easier to watch on YouTube. The unlisted videos I linked though the blogs are only visible on the blogs or link. So, you can still search and find them here.

I added a new playlist for the hand sewing videos. After the last couple, I received comments about how calming they are and how people like listening to my voice. I hadn’t thought of this before. So, I am going to try to record more with this calming idea in mind. They may have some women’s employment history. They may have stories. I’m not sure.

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