For years now, I’ve wanted to have my silhouette cut by Lauren Muney of Silhouettes by Hand. When I heard Lauren would be attending the Genesee Country Village’s Fall Festival and Agricultural Society Fair, I knew this would be my chance. I was so excited. I set the money aside for weeks so I wouldn’t touch it.

On Saturday, Lauren cut my first silhouette. I followed her direction via FB to simply wear a messy bun. Glad I did. I love how this turned out. She captured the fun detail of my hair. I absolutely love my nose, which I’ve long wondered about since my nose apparently was a discussion point among hospital nurses as a baby.

This silhouette was backed with a natural white background and a scenic background. The latter is now set in a period reflective oval frame with a golden rim. This has joined my growing portrait wall. (Below)

Sunday, which was quite the rainy day much more reflective of the common weather for this weekend. I returned to the village with one of my bonnets (in a band box in a plastic bag in a canvas bag,) my soft crown straw with hand worked brim points. I would like to say I picked this particular bonnet, but reality is it was the one I could reach first on the great tower of band boxes. There are so many details in this silhouette.

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  1. Such wonderful depictions of you! Best silhouette cutting I have seen!

  2. These are great! I remember doing these in school and they were one of my favorite things to do!

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