Self Care – aka Ag Fair Day 1

This week, several people mentioned “time for self care” to me as I was physically & emotionally dragging, and everything was getting to me. Each time I heard it, I thought “I don’t know how.” What I did know is I was on my way to an epic physical crash. I think that was Thursday and Friday. Friday, when I got home I did crash. I on and off slept on the couch, crawled to bed where I slept some more. In the morning Clara woke me up for breakfast. After I fed her, I slept again. Yup.

I did finally get up and get myself together to go to my favorite day of the year: Ag Fair!

This is my attempt at self care.

The weather is beautiful. Absolutely not the norm for Ag Fair that often is accompanied by a dip in temperature and wet. Not this year. It is sunny. 70s or so.

As I drove into Mumford and approached the light to turn left, I saw a row of cars approaching from the north-ish. Each one turned on its signal to turn. Oh, this was nice to see. They might be going to the museum. Indeed they were. Each car turned into the parking lot and slowed. Wow. The parking lot was packed. It was somewhere around 10:40 and the parking was filled to the road. We were being directed to the back of the front lot. I can’t recall the last time I parked this far out. It put a huge smile on my face. (By the time I left mid-day, the parking lot was completely filled and the CEO was at the front gate directing traffic to the south lot. It was great to see. )

I was completely unaware of the amount of wool lint on my black shirt. I had been pulling hats out of the millinery room. Opps. I headed for Thompson Tavern. More on that story in a future post.

I spent the rest of the morning wandering here and there aimlessly. Aimlessly was nice. So nice. I watched a little of the herding demo. I watched a little of the circus demo. I browsed the tent of vendors.

Then I headed to the carriage barn for the “Blue Ribbon Competition.” I had a little surprise for a friend there. It is all about the smiles.

(Sadly many of my photos came out too blurry to share. The light is too low and I get a little too excited to stay still.)

This year’s contest definitely goes to the non-textile arts in my opinion. There were some wonderful entries:

These two cat pieces particularly caught my heart. The hooked rug is just so alive and playful. The child’s painting has an expression that tugs at heart strings.

As with tradition, I will put my entries in a separate post.

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