Whimsy Wednesday

Or, should I call this a dark, dismal Wednesday?

I had a plan for recording this morning’s video: I would share the samples of my latest In Detail because they are much more fun when you can see them spin around. I would share my Whimsy Witch Hat project, a mini-pattern requested by a friend, and the straw hat I am working on, which is far too tall to ever be able to ship. I would share Marna’s video showing off her latest apron find and talking about what goes into Indi-patterning.

But, at this moment, a video is not happening. I am having miserable allergies. Puff – Check. Red and swollen – yuuup! Watering – endlessly, Running – hideously so. Absolutely not suitable for the camera.

I am convinced it is the rain and damp that kicks off my mold allergies. Each time is it wet out, I get gross. The air filters are on. On max. (I’ve been considering an additional on for the living room space.) Maybe, Maybe, I will look less gross in a while and record my video. If so, I will add it below.

Instead, please enjoy this video from The Domestic Lady’s Dressmaker. It is an unboxing with insight into what goes into indi-pattern making. (Hope this works because it is a FB video.)

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  1. UGH! Weather related “snottiness” is the worst!!! I hope you get some relief soon!

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