July Reflections

July proved to be a month of time travel, hoping eras nearly each week.

1810s for Independence Day

1830s for Chocolate Weekend

1860s for the Civil War Living History


My goal for the summer is to sew (and sell) 16 millinery pieces each month. This July’s pieces include:


I put a seat on the $4 stool I picked up last month at a yardsale. This is my first adventure with making a tape seat. I could not find the proper nails, so, of course, I just sewed the tapes on. Despite the puckers that will hopefully relax, I am pleased with the result. I do think I will add a little stain or polish to the tops of the spindles because they look odd to me.

I made a bag in a day. A conversation with a friend reminded me I had the materials of one of the duffle style bags. When I woke up in the morning, I decided to make a bag. This one is made from memory, having made one years ago with the Shooting Star directions, using a circle and a straight edge. I didn’t bother measuring a thing. It is entirely handsewn, first basted together, then back stitched. It is about 150% the size of my previous bag, which is closer to the “Plaid shawl cover” size from Godey’s 1871.

Pocket Fairy

Following the Chocolate Weekend, I talked with the Pocket Fairy to relay that there were several in want of pockets. She got busy making some simple pockets.

Looking Ahead

I am busily working on Regency millinery for Novel Weekend when the center of the village will be honoring Jane Austen’s Emma.

If timing falls together with school right, I will also appearing for Fiber Week later in August.

Of course, I am looking forward to the Agricultural Society Fair as fall arrives. This year will have far fewer entries unless I get my act together soon.

Patreon Patrons

Thank you to all of my Patreon Patrons. Your support allows me to do more and add original pieces like this to my collection. Thank you to:

  • Barb
  • Michelle
  • Lorri
  • Nancy
  • Susan
  • Kitty
  • Kristen
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