Unboxing: A New Millinery Block

This block is what I bought with my sudden “Bonnet Sale” last week. Thank you to those who made a purchase and otherwise supported the sale. I was worried one of the 14 people watching the block would pick it up while I waited to make enough sales to do the purchase. After making the purchase, I was nervous I might be wrong even though I was really sure I was right.

This beautiful block is likely from the later 1840 to early 1850s. It has a circular brim, a straight rise from the crown to the brim edge, and a flat round brim tip. The shape of the cheektabs are not indicated. This block is shallower than my block I call Galaxy, which also has a round brim but a deep, round crown.

Here is the new block, right, next to Galaxy on the left. This side-by-side makes me think poor Galaxy needs a polish. The new block will need a name soon.

This is an 1840s bonnet at the Museum of Fine Arts that may have a shape similar to what this block makes: Woman’s bonnet – Works – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (mfa.org)

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