Sewing a Straw Bonnet: Sewing Straw in the 19th Century Millinery Trade

I didn’t know until I wrote it that this is going to be a new series. It won’t be a regularly scheduled series or necessarily a  long series. It will be a series though. I hope to share my straw sewing with people while exploring the various aspects of straw millinery.  I hope you enjoy.

New Bonnets in Shop

I also have new bonnets in the shop. I anticipate the bonnet from the video being finished later today (Monday)

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  1. I have a hard time envisioning any in my class of four-to-five year olds sitting and concentrating on plaiting straw. You have given me a good chuckle.

  2. Here is one of the paintings that I picture each time I talk about how young these children plaiting were:

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