Finally back in Dress, aka Pinking Demo and 1830s Dress

You know you had a good Saturday when you roll out of bed and hop in front of the camera first thing Sunday morning, wrap dress and pomade hair and all.

A couple other things about my dress I forgot to mention…. The dress was incredibly comfortable. I was pleased with the fit, comfort, and functionality. It will make a good dress to sew in. The insert in the V worked fairly well. I pinned part of it to my stays. I am not going to do that next time as movement pulled that pin out and made puckers. I am going to tack it further down the neckline. Over all, I am very pleased with how this worked. The kerchief type fichu did not happen. It wasn’t going to stay in place. I didn’t feel the need to get out a kerchief either. I do want to make the white pelerine even more now. I also want to make a second 30s dress soon.

I was super pleased with the cap. It did slide off a couple times because I skipped the pins. How did I misplace both my hair box and my metal head pins???

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