Caps to Crowns Challenge!

Let’s face it: This past year has been incredibly difficult. We all deserve a treat.

With this in mind, our next
challenge is: The Caps to Crowns Challenge!

This May and June, I challenge you to make something for your head, from a Cap to a Crown, and anything in between. As with all my challenges, your Cap or Crown can be from any era, to meet the needs of your impression or region. But, this time around, I encourage you to have a little fun with this. This is a perfect time to treat yourself to something or to think out of the box to make something a bit more whimsical.
I will be making both a much procrastinated frilly cap and something more whimsical, yet to be determined.

How to Participate:
Join the Facebook Group: 2021 Caps to Crowns Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person.
We will begin discussion officially May 1st.

What to do:
Make a cap or a crown (or a tiara…. or dinner cap …. or a headdress ….. or what fanciful headwear you need/want) and share your progress in the FB group. Tell us your goals, your inspiration, your materials, etc..

This is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose to do any era, region, and size pocket. I also welcome those who wish to make doll scale.

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