Whimsy Wednesday: Chat

Today’s video was recorded Tuesday. I explain in the video.

If you have project requests, let me know.

Also, I am considering whether to do longer or live programs. The current topics I am considering include:

  • A basket or bowl of velvet vegetables and fruit
  • A practical look at hairnets
  • Building your own swatch book (I am doing a private program for a local group with this topic.)

Since my stays will likely be completed this weekend, I will be starting my 1830s dress soon. I have the skirt and bodice in mind. The sleeves, not so much. I need to decide on sleeves that embrace the latter 1830s silhouette and be functional for sewing straw. This means I need a comfortable,  wide range of mobility without getting straw stuck or snagged.
Ideally, I would find the perfect genre painting or illustration.  I haven’t. If you know of a good genre painting or illustration of a woman in working attire from the 1840s, please share.

Promised “I’m home” note: I’m home from my second vaccine. This drive home was better than last time; I don’t have the intense drowsy feeling and wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t get home. I am still sleepy drowsy, but the soft kind. I did have a moment where I thought a migraine was going to hit Hard, because I felt like I had a fork stuck in my temple, neck, and breast at the same time. Interesting observation: this one was much higher than the first. I have armscyes that sit lower. I am eating lunch and going to lay down.

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