The Making of Stays

…. on a snowy spring day…..

Step 1: Clear the work table of flowers, ribbons and such….

Step 2: Open the pattern. Note: I usually have my corsets and stays draped.  This will be my first time using a pattern for my stays/corset.

Step 3: Acknowledge I am short and fat. The front length of the pattern is 15.5 inches. I suppose if I wrapped the tape measure along my rolls, I could get to 15.5 inches. But, as the busk lays, nope. The pattern must be shortened.

Step 4: Draft for a center opening. I have this crazy,  cranky area of scar tissue that acts up. Turning and reaching are just not happening at this stage of fluffy.  All garments must have an easy escape from the front for when the gut gets angry.

Step 5: Begin cutting paper. Look outside…. it is still snowing… Someone out there is cringing because I didn’t iron my paper.

Steps 6 and 7: Trace pattern on to fabric and cut out the fabric. I am opting for a double layer of coutil. I still have yet to decide if I prefer the wear of regular twill or coutil. I do want to give linen a try (likely an earlier pair) and a pretty, just for me silk (an era I know better.)

Step 8: Crash on the couch for a break, knowing I need to drink more.

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