“How do I get my hair to stay?”

Earlier today, I replied to a question about controling hair while wearing a hairnet. I put together a few references and resources. While I still have the links in my clipboard, I decided to put them together here.

First, a mid-nineteenth century everyday net was very fine, made from silk or hair. These nets appear worn alone in many cdvs. There are a couple modern made nets that resemble this fineness. These can be had for less than a dollar each. This video from a few years ago shows two of these:

Second, pomade is your friend. Made from natural ingredients, pomade is a thick balm that warms on you hands and rubs into your hair. Pomade will help hold your hair in place, control stray hairs, and give the period look. A few merchants offer pomades recreated from period recipies. Give Talbott’s or LLBC’s a try. If you are a Lush customer, their Queen Bee is as well.

For more, in depth information on hairnets including the types, how they were worn, and who wore them, please read To Net, or Not to Net.

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  1. a Rx pill bottle works great to store hairnets for packing Civil War items. Not period correct but keeps them confined and ready when needed.

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