Millinery Monday – High Brim Bonnet Block

This week’s block is the first of the bonnet blocks. This high brim block exhibits the staple shape of the latter 1850s going into the 1860s. The crown tip is circular with a gentle transition into the crown body. The cheektabs drop long an narrow compared to the previous decade. These are marked on the block by the wooded squares. The brim extends quite high, reaching forward with a slight squaring at the top.

This high brim has a slightly squared top of the brim. This shapung can be seen in this “Summer Bonnet Shapes” from Madame Demorest’s Mirrors of Fashion, Summer 1862.
This block is similar to a block in Ron Coddington’s Corning Milliners photograph: The block in the image may have been used to make the bonnet held over the edge of the stairs.

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