Whimsy Wednesday: A Bit About Bodkins

This Wednesday’s video has a brief look at types of bodkins and what they can be useful for.

The Pocket Guides: These are nice for keeping in the pocket or sewing workbox.

Feline Zooming

Mid-day Edit: It is official….. winter cabin fever has settled in early. Normally, mid-February I get antsy and cranky and critical and miserable. Well, I didn’t quite make it through January. I am antsy and cranky and critical and miserable. Snow = grrr. Serged seams = grrr. Hot glue guns = grrrrrrrrrr.

The solution? I must sew straw now!!!! Straw relaxes me. Straw calms me. Straw lulls me.

Small, not so small problem… I must get other things done first! The wadded hood pattern must be finished. The numbers from the shop and

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