Monday Millinery: Green Combination Hood

Today’s winter hood combines the construction of a wadded hood in the crown and a lappet style in the brim. This piece is slightly smaller, either for a youth or a smaller head.

The whole of the exterior is constructed of a dark green silk taffeta with a hue of blue. Six wadded channels create the crown that wraps the head softly as a wadded hood would. Added to the front is a lappet brim. This portion is quilted on the diagonal. The edge of the lappet brim is edged with a black velvet. This trim continues around the edge of the bavolet as well.

This hood is a bit of a problem child. Why? Because it has an odor that limits the time I can spend with it. I had planned to examine the silk under magnification to answer questions I have about how the color of the crown and brim appear. I find I must delay that. This piece arrived with an odor that was evident as I opened it. It has spent well over a month in the freezer, possibly two as I’ve lost track of time. With in moments of unwrapping it for photos, the odor was still strongly present. I was thankful my little photo studio is set up in the second bathroom, as it has a fan. This hood is bound for a stay in an activated charcoal box, as soon as I have the right plastic box in hand. Even after an extended stay, I don’t know if this piece will join the same boxes as my pieces. Note: I do not blame the seller for the odor. It has been with this piece for some time I suspect. If I recall correctly it was found at an estate sale.

This is some of the discoloration on the lappet brim. If the brim was worn folded back, this area would be inside the fold. If worn flat, this would be the exterior of the hood.
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