What’s Happening

My 2021 planner arrived with its calming green leafy cover. I find the leaves serene. Leaves are both a soft
natural bed to lay my head upon and earth given pages to gently turn to reveal possibilities.

There are 5 areas I want to focus one in addition to my millinery goals. These are:

Monthly Challenges – Continuing from this past summer, each month we are challenging each other to take on particular project. These challenges are open to all eras and all regions, with your goals your focus. The goal is to come together in an inclusive and supportive environment. We started out with sunbonnets and aprons. Our current challenge is winter hoods, which is extending to cover two months. Next, we are focusing on pockets.

Whimsy Wednesday – I found my Community Cast became a personally vital part of my lockdown days, I wanted to continue with a regular video series. Whimsy Wednesday is an uncut, recorded as I am series that includes a dabbling of smaller sewing projects, random updates, and visits from the camera loving Clara. Sometimes I get these up in the evening, while other times I record early and have them up for the morning.

Millinery Monday – I’ve been wanting to do a full Millinery Monday series for a while now. This year, I am determined to offer a millinery post each Monday. This will be a mix of collection items and tbd as the year rolls on.

In Detail – This is my somewhat quarterly e-publication that I enjoy writing. My goal this year is to stick closer to the quarters. But, I am a bit nervous about this because this publication is very much reliant on me finding an inspiring small item to acquire and write about. Yet, I find I am not finding the just right inspiring pieces as of late. Let’s hope that happens soon.

Patreon – I confess I am still having a hard time with Patreon. Part of it is because I have a hard time monetizing what I want to be able to give everyone regardless of their ability to pay. I am going to spend some more time there giving updates. For those that don’t know, the upper tiers of support receive my In Detail publications as they are released, and maybe in advance when I have all my ducks in a row.

Beyond these focus areas, I have little things that pop into my head and mull around. These Current Mullings include….

Some “big” things:
● Finish the Wadded Hood Pattern
● 5 Pieces (shhhh)

Some extra little fun things:
● Hair danglies
● Mini-bricks
● Fabric “snood” for my lazy susan

Garments I’m pondering:
● 1830s stays (which could lead to an assortment of WWG projects)
● Linen Chemise
● Early stays from that pretty silk in the bag in the hall
● 1827-1837 dress – something for straw working in.

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