Reflections on the Year

I started writing this post earlier in December before catching my mystery germ. I had plans for a lengthy post reflecting on the year. But, I find I am still too tired to complete what I wanted. I wanted to elaborate on each of the points in these lists. Maybe eventually.

This year has been an incredible challenge for so many; it has been filled with loss and uncertainty. Personally, the “hard” has been a continuation of the previous years with their struggles. As the year closes, I am choosing to reflect as honestly as I can.

Things I am grateful for in 2020:

  • The friends I’ve further connected with in chats and zoom
  • The time to focus on my art/craft
  • The ability to be comfortable sharing myself, as I am, on video media.
  • My shoppers who kept me fed and sane.
  • My postal delivery person who picked up package after package, week after week.
  • Orange juice, a nurse with mismatched socks, and a cancer doctor in crocks.
  • Worden Select Objects. I stumbed across them on the Brimfield group. While they are not related as far as I know, their selections are so similar to what Dad would have picked, their posts in my feed are a sweet reconnect.

What I Feel Accomplished About

  • I lost track of the number of hats and bonnets I made. (rough count scrolling through I count 95 millinery pieces.) ( I forgot the witch hats. There are 5. Counting those, I may have an even 100 pieces sewn.)
  • New In Detail series
  • My Community Cast Video series was initially about staying connected with people during shutdown. It quickly became a way or a reason for me to keep going.
  • Almost completed the Wadded Hood pattern/guidebook

Favorites of the year: Okay, it is really difficult to pick favorites.

Smaller projects:

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